Bitstrips Draws Success From Facebook

By Justin Lafferty 

One of the hottest Facebook applications may have just made photos boring. Comic creation community Bitstrips, which recently launched its Facebook app, is growing rapidly. Bitstrips allows users to create fun, engaging comics starring themselves and their friends. On Dec. 8, Bitstrips had just 10,000 monthly active users — now more than 110,000 people and counting are animating themselves.

Bitstrips started out as an online community for people who love to create comics (and it has been popular, as two people who met through Bitstrips are getting married), but it has found a new home on Facebook. Users can connect with Bitstrips through Facebook and create their own avatars, fine-tuning them to their specifications. They can then select to put themselves (and their friends) in a variety of comics, whether they celebrate the holidays, express a dislike for Mondays, or ride out the apocalypse.

Since integrating with Facebook and being listed in app center, Bitstrips has been acquiring new users like crazy. Just check out this graph from sister site AppData, showing the site’s monthly active users:

Bitstrips Vice President of Marketing Shahan Panth said that the company hasn’t really done much promotion, other than linking to the Facebook app from the main website. Since then, the app has really taken off. Bitstrips allows users to create colorful visual representations of themselves through customizable avatars. Want to rock a new hairstyle or see how you’d look with a Looney Tunes-esque background? Bitstrips allows that kind of self-expression.

Panth talked with AllFacebook about how Bitstrips has found success on Facebook:

It’s gone viral by itself. The way that we designed it was that you design yourself, you design your avatars, and you start making comics, but to make it more fun, you start designing your friends and you start making funny comments or sending well wishes and greeting cards, including you and them, or two other friends. That way, that sort of organically brings your friend into it.

Once a friend who has been animated joins Bitstrips, they can either keep the likeness their friend has created, tweak it, or create a completely new one. Bitstrips has created a chain where a user will design a character for a friend, who will think it’s cool, create a comic starring themselves and some of their friends, and so on.

Bitstrips strives to be continually relevant, but offer timely scenarios. Currently, many of the popular comics deal with the holidays and the upcoming rumored apocalypse:

Users can also post comics that are a more colorful way of posting a generic status update:

Readers: Have you tried Bitstrips? What do you think?