Bing One Ups Google With Deeper Facebook Integration

By Nick O'Neill Comment

While Google +1 has yet to gain significant traction, Bing and Facebook are hoping that the new personalized search results can help create a more robust social search experience.

Deeper Search Integration

Results will now include feedback about which content your friends have liked, as well as links to wall posts, in an attempt to drive feedback from a user’s friends.

According to Bing’s own blog post, “not only [will you] see the individual pages or stories your friends like, but the overall sites they like related to the topic you’re searching for.” This appears to be a subtle improvement over the previous version launched in February.

Whether or not such results will be more accurate is unknown, but my personal experience is that when one of my friends likes a specific site, I’m much more likely to visit it. Additionally Bing is integrating status updates from brand pages as part of the search results. In what appears to be somewhat of an oversight, Bing’s results don’t appear to make a distinction between official and unofficial pages.

As such, unofficial pages like the Avis one included in the original Bing blog post, end up showing up in the results. Take a look at the image below and you’ll see an unofficial Avis page, which also happens to be in a different language.

The only conclusion to make here is that it’s pretty clear that social search is still very early. While Bing and Facebook are working hard to help social search become a reality, it’s still extremely early.

Social Feedback

Another social product that Bing is highlighting today is “conversational search,” which encourages you to ask your friends for feedback about various items, including travel deals, products, and more. The only problem with the feedback is that it won’t be integrated into the search results and you’ll need to wait on your friends to reply to your wall posts, something which can often take some time.

Bing Toolbar

Attention browser toolbar lovers (Hello, anybody out there?): In addition to integrating things into search, Bing is also providing a new “Bing Bar” that enables users to like items anywhere on the web, whether or not there’s actually a like button installed.

While I’ve never been a big toolbar fan, there are millions of people who apparently find toolbars to be useful.

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