Bing to Google: “Bing It On!”

By Mary C. Long 

When you search for something online, do you say you’re “Googling?” For many people the word has become synonymous for online search.

Bing wants to change that.

And they’re calling Google out for a “search off.”

According to the spunky little search engine that could, “people chose Bing web search results over Google nearly 2 to 1 in blind comparison tests.” Don’t believe them? Try it out for yourself (click the image below):


Here’s what they have to say about it:

Since we launched Bing, we’ve conducted ongoing tests to measure our relevancy, assess customer feedback and satisfaction, and examine our product in many different ways. A while ago, we began to notice an interesting trend – Bing was beating Google in our search relevancy tests. After carefully following the trend data for several months, we decided to commission an independent study to test which web search results people prefer.

You may be surprised: the research shows that people chose Bing web search results over Google nearly 2:1 in blind comparison tests. People are surprised because of how deeply the Google habit is ingrained in most searchers—they are responding based on their habits rather than the facts.

Interesting. And what did this test look at specifically?

Participants were shown the main web search results pane of both Bing and Google for 10 search queries of their choice. Bing and Google search results were shown side-by-side on one page for easy comparison – with all branding removed from both search engines. The test did not include ads or content in other parts of the page such as Bing’s Snapshot and Social Search panes and Google’s Knowledge Graph. For each search, the participant was asked which search engine provided the best results – “Left side search engine”, “Right side search engine”, or “Draw.” After each participant performed 10 searches, their votes were totaled to determine the winner (Bing, Google or Draw, in the case of a tie).

When the results were tallied, the outcome was clear – people chose Bing web search results over Google nearly 2:1 in the blind comparison tests. Specifically, of the nearly 1000 participants: 57.4% chose Bing more often, 30.2% chose Google more often; 12.4 % resulted in a draw.*

But don’t take their word for it (or the independent company that conducted the test!) take the Bing challenge yourself and let us know how it turns out!  Seems I’m still a “Googler,” but it was close (3 out of five).

And don’t forget to check out the video showing Bing daring people on the street to test out the side-by-side comparisons – for a price.

(Search image from Shutterstock)