Binders Full Of Women: 10 YouTube Videos Inspired By Romney’s Debate Snafu

By Megan O'Neill 

If you watched the Presidential debate last night (or even if you didn’t), by now you are most surely aware of the new “Binders Full Of Women” meme that spawned from Romney’s answer to one audience member’s question about pay equality.  A new Twitter account, @RomneyBinders, sprung up and accrued over 30,000 followers in literally minutes, a new Tumblr started posting “Binders Full Of Women” images and, of course, Romney binder-related videos started popping up on YouTube.

In the spirit of spreading the binder meme love, we decided to compile a list of some of the best “Binders Full Of Women” videos to hit YouTube so far.  Check ‘em out below and if you’ve seen one we missed, feel free to share it with us in the comments below!

Mitt Romney on Pay Equity for Women: “Binders Full of Women”

In case you missed the debate, here’s a clip of what Romney said last night at the debate.  The clip was uploaded to the BarackObamadotcom YouTube channel.

MITT Romney: “I’ve Got Binders Full of Women” Response

YouTuber daiserz89’s response to Romney’s Binders Full Of Women is a little long, but pretty entertaining.  “Now, first and foremost, who uses binders now anyway?! Shouldn’t he have gone to an Excel spreadsheet or a data base someplace?”

Binders Full of Women (Song A Day #1385)

YouTuber Jonathan Mann, known for his Song A Day project, took the opportunity to make a song about Binders Full of Women for his 1385th song.

Mitt Romney’s “Binders Full of Women”

Jonathan Mann isn’t the only one who got busy writing a song about Romney’s binders after last night’s debate.  This video hit the video site less than an hour after the debate was over!

Binders Full Of Women Commercial (Mitt Romney Spoof)

Where did Romney find all those binders full of women?  This video may shed some light on the question…

Romney’s got binders full of women

Now this one is just scary…

Binders Full Of Women – Romney Obama Debate (slowmo)

And who doesn’t love hearing things in slow motion?  In this video, we hear Mitt Romney talk about his biiiiiinnnnnndddddeeeeerrrrrsssss fuuuuuuulllll ooooffffff wooooommmmmmmeeeeeennnnnnn.

Binders Full Of Women – 2 LIVE MITT

As the description on this video says, “Mitt Romney and the fellas from 2 Live Crew doing it as only they can – WITH BINDERS FULL OF WOMEN!”

Romney’s Binders Full of Women (Animated)

And of course someone had to bring Gangnam Style into it…

Binders Full Of Women (Mitt Romney Dubstep)

Finally, check out some of the great meme images that have been popping up since last night’s debate, while listening to these sweet dubstep stylings of YouTuber lolpervs. (Update: Aimee Davison of lolpervs has informed me that all of the meme images in the video are originals that she created)

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