BettingSTAR Enters Facebook (Virtual) Sports Gambling Arena

By David Cohen 

While gambling may fall afoul of Facebook’s platform policies, applications promoting gambling on sporting events for virtual currency are apparently acceptable to the social network., with soccer gambling app 90Live launching earlier this week, followed closely by BettingSTAR, which adds Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association to its offerings, along with European soccer.

BettingSTAR allows users to bet on games in those sports with virtual currency, and the game features quests and a level-up system offering badges and coins as rewards, as well as the ability to share victories with friends and compete one-on-one.

Future additions to BettingSTAR are slated to include rugby, the National Hockey League, and the National Football League.

The app also announced a contest based on Sunday’s “Subway Series” MLB game, in which the New York Mets will visit crosstown rival the New York Yankees.

Player must pick the winner of Sunday’s game, and contest winners will be randomly selected from the pool of players who made the correct choice during the week of June 25, with one winner receiving a new iPad, three winners getting iPad Nanos, and 10 receiving Amazon gift cards.

Facebook’s platform policy states:

You agree that you will not promote, or provide content referencing, facilitating, containing, or using, the following:

Online gambling, games of skill or lotteries, including online casinos, sports books, bingo, or poker.

Readers: Do you think apps like 90Live and BettingSTAR run afoul of that policy, or does gambling with virtual currency create enough of a loophole?