Ben Affleck as Batman? Social Media Gives A Thumbs Down

By Jennifer Moire 

“Holy social media fail, Batman!”

That might be what the casting directors at Warner Brothers studios are wondering after they announced that Ben Affleck will follow in the footsteps of George Clooney and Christian Bale in playing the caped crusader.

First, came the inevitable Twitter hashtags, #BetterBatmanThanBenAffleck and #Batfleck.

Then, came the snarky comments from casual film buffs and celebrities alike.


Twitter haters were quick to point out Affleck’s past failures in films like “Gigli” and “Daredevil.”Affleck will appear as Batman in the Superman sequel to “Man of Steel.”

We’ll admit it, there were some positive comments in the Twitterverse on Tumblr and Facebook.  Do you think any of this blowback will dissuade the producers of the “Man of Steel” sequel?

Unlikely. This kind of attention–be it good or bad at this point–is probably music to the producers ears. Would they have liked more positive comments to outweigh the negative? Sure.

But the fact that a 2015 movie is getting this kind of attention means there will likely be even more attention paid as the movie heads into production (look for the inevitable “leaked” photo of Affleck in the bat suit.) And of course, when the movie is released.  It’s worth noting that “Man of Steel” was one of the few movie hits of the summer.

Did you get in on the Ben Affleck as Batman meme?