Behind the ‘Dove Real Beauty’ Parody, ‘#Balls’

By Devon Glenn 

Creative production company Portal A has launched a new YouTube channel, AdhocVids, to bring to video marketing something that YouTube has had for years: parodies.

The team’s first parody mocks Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches” video, in which a forensic sketch artist compares a woman’s description of herself to a stranger’s in order to prove that women are their own worst critics when it comes to their looks.

Men get the same treatment with other parts of their anatomy in Portal A’s version, “Dove Real Beauty: #Balls.”

“We loved the original, but often times the best parodies come out of the most emotional or resonant content,” Portal A partner and managing director Zach Blume told SocialTimes. “A lot of the response we’ve gotten so far hasn’t been that folks have hated the original and loved the parody (or vice versa), but that they loved both.”

Launched stealthily, the parody racked up half a million views in one day. More than one commenter said it was “f***ing hilarious,” especially after they realized that it was a spoof. Others noted that a YouTube glitch prevented anyone from clicking the dislike button.

Portal A assures its fans that there will be plenty more videos where that came from.