Banner Ad Across Facebook Profile? It’s Adware

By David Cohen 

Facebook has been tweaking and testing its ad offerings quite a bit over the past several weeks, but if any users are seeing large banner ads across the top of their profile pages, those are the result of adware, and not the doing of the social network.

Mashable Features Writer Christine Erickson encountered the pictured ad (screen shot courtesy of Mashable) Tuesday, and colleague and Entertainment Editor Christina Warren squashed any theories about massive ads appearing on Facebook by mentioning the following sentence from the adware section of the Facebook help center:

Facebook ads will never appear as banners in the center, top, or left column of Facebook Web pages. If you’re seeing ads in these locations, or ads that flash or play sound automatically, you probably have adware. To remove it, review the add-ons or toolbars that you’ve enabled for your browser and disable any plugin that promises special browsing abilities (like profile [timeline] themes or seeing who’s viewing your profile [timeline]).

The adware section of the help center also contains step-by-step instructions for how to cleanse adware from Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer 8.

Readers: Has your Facebook profile ever been affected by adware?

Adware stop sign image courtesy of Shutterstock.