Facebook Matchmaking: Bang With Friends Launches IOS, Android Apps; YouShouldTotallyMeet Debuts

By David Cohen 

Facebook users tapping the social network to get, well, really social will likely be heartened by news that Bang with Friends released applications for the iOS and Android platforms, while a more subtle Facebook app, YouShouldTotallyMeet, is aimed at bringing the matchmaking process to users’ networks of friends.

Bang with Friends works by allowing users to choose Facebook friends they would like to get to know via a more intimate type of poke and send them nudges. If the feeling is mutual, the two co-conspirators can arrange to meet up.

TechCrunch reported on the launch of the Bang with Friends apps, saying that two features that are not part of the Web version were added to the apps: an undo button, for those having second thoughts about friends they’d like to, um, get to know better; and an “up for hang” button, allowing them to indicate that they’d like to get together but take things a little more slowly.

As for YouShouldTotallyMeet, Mashable reported that users build profiles on the app for single friends they want to set up, and then include reasons why people should want to meet those friends. Mutual friends can agree or disagree at this stage. Users then comb their friends lists for potential matches, and introductions are facilitated by a single click.

YouShouldTotallyMeet Co-Founder Hayley Taylor said in a press release announcing the app:

My co-founders and I saw an opportunity to use Facebook as a way for single people to have fewer bad dating experiences. By being set up with mutual friends of friends, it’s a way to “kiss fewer frogs,” so to speak.

Single readers: Would you try out either of these apps?

YouShouldTotallyMeet screenshot courtesy of Mashable. Hand-holding image courtesy of Shutterstock.