BandsInTown Plans To Connect More Fans To Concerts Through Facebook

By Justin Lafferty 

BandsInTown, the top concert-discovery application on Facebook, plans to deepen integration within the social network. The app, which reaches more than 20 million unique Facebook users per month, wants to connect more fans through concerts they’re planning to see. BandsInTown CEO Julien Mitelberg spoke with AllFacebook about how the app will use open graph technology to make Facebook users more aware of events featuring their favorite artists.

Concert discovery has changed, Mitelberg said to AllFacebook. Previously, fans would seek out concert dates, but with the rise of social media, people expect that information to come to them. That’s where BandsInTown comes in. Say users have liked the official Facebook pages for Jay-Z, Fun., Justin Timberlake, and Kenny Chesney — or listen to their music on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora,, or Rdio. Through the app, users can connect with their Facebook accounts to find out when those artists (or similar performers) are coming to their area.

Users can tap the names of their favorite artists (or singers and bands that BandsInTown recommends) and see when their next concerts are, or who on Facebook is going, and purchase tickets. BandsInTown users can also keep track of the concerts to which they’ve RSVP’d and share them among their Facebook friends.

But BandsInTown wants to go deeper, using Facebook’s open graph. Mitelberg talked with AllFacebook about how the company wants to connect more Facebook friends through their music tastes:

The next step for BandsInTown is to add a number of social layers. You’re going be able to see what your friends RSVP to, as well as more visibility of what your friends are doing within the same application. We’re also integrating with Facebook more strongly — we’re doing the “buy tickets” link. They’re working with LiveNation, and we’re going to be part of that partnership, as well.

Mitelberg also said BandsInTown wants to make it easier for fans to not only know when and where their favorite artists are performing, but streamline the way tickets are purchased, especially on mobile. Another major goal for BandsInTown is to be able to add the capability for users to review shows and upload photos and videos from the concerts they’ve attended.

BandsInTown will be showing off some of its newest features at SXSW in Austin.

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