BandPage Connect Plugs Bands Into Promoters, Fans, Facebook

By Justin Lafferty 

BandPage, which allows bands to easily manage their online and Facebook presences, has made it easier for musicians to share music and information with their fans and for promoters to post information about bands they’re hosting. Through BandPage Connect, musicians can instantly share their information with major social music platforms free of charge. This way, a band can easily post information to Facebook, a WordPress blog, Earbits, Pledge Music, and other sites in a way that draws people to engage and listen.

BandPage has already earned kudos from Facebook for its use of open graph technology, which has its fingerprints all over BandPage’s platform. The company’s platform hosts the online presences of roughly 500,000 bands and artists across the world, including Taking Back Sunday, Jason Mraz, and Lady Antebellum.

Now, with one click, bands that have a presence on Facebook and other sites such as WordPress, Guitar Center, Midem Music Festival, StoryAmp, Pledge Music, WeDemand, and others can update information. It makes it easier for promoters, as they don’t have to search for biographies or photos — they’re all right there, and it’s already the message that the band wants to deliver.

Say a concert is about to get rained out. Instead of rushing to update in various places, a band can manage its online accounts in one place — BandPage — to alert fans who follow them via different pockets of the Internet. It also allows bands to post songs and videos, as well as give fans a chance to interact through Facebook. Facebook users can share music, as well as easily post that they’re going to a certain concert by clicking “I’m Going,” which creates a news feed story using open graph technology.

BandPage Founder and CEO J. Sider talked with AllFacebook about how BandPage Connect will make life much easier for musicians, promoters, social music sites, and fans:

The band can make it look and feel any way that they want to … It’s just having the security and comfort of knowing that any time you have this information, it’s up to date, as long as it’s connected to BandPage. More than that, anytime you connect BandPage to your different presences across the Web, it’s putting in that social element so people are able to find out about you more often because of the timeline and open graph actions.

Readers: If you’re a musician, has BandPage helped you?