Back from Maternity Leave, Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer Offers Perks to New Parents

By Devon Glenn 

yahoo, twitter, social media, social networksYahoo CEO Marissa Mayer may be able to juggle a new baby and a struggling company without breaking a sweat, but her latest policies show her compassion for workers with families. New details have emerged about the company’s plan to support and retain new parents after extending the maternity leave period to up to 16 weeks.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo employees will also have the following benefits:

  • Eight weeks’ paid leave for new fathers and parents who adopt or go through a surrogate
  • An additional eight-week unpaid sabbatical for every five years spent at the company
  • $500 to put toward food, housecleaning, or other household expenses for new parents
  • $5,000 toward adopting a child (this isn’t new, but the offer still stands)
  • Yahoo swag for new pets

The move is part of an industry-wide effort to attract and retain women at male-dominated technology companies.

In her book, Lean In, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg described adding special parking spots for expectant mothers at Google after working through her own pregnancy. ”Data show unequivocally that when women are in leadership roles in companies, those companies have better policies,” she said.

The WSJ article notes that when Google extended its maternity leave period from three months to about five months, turnover among new mothers decreased by 50%.