Awareness Integrates Facebook Custom Audiences With Its Social Profiling, Social Scoring

By David Cohen 

Another take on how brands can identify their most influential fans comes courtesy of on-demand social marketing automation software provider Awareness, which announced an integration with Facebook’s custom audiences advertising feature.

Users of Awareness’ Social Profiling and Social Scoring system — which enables brands to identify, store, and rank prospects across Facebook and other social networks based on user-defined criteria — can now export those data directly into Facebook for use with its custom audiences feature, resulting in hypertargeted ads reaching those prospects.

Awareness users can choose from criteria including mentions of the brand, mentions of competitors, keywords, comments, replies, participation in campaigns, location, biography terms, number of followers, and shared interests.

Awareness Chief Technology Officer David Carter said:

Facebook’s timing could not be better. It offers the one-to-one targeting that’s currently missing in social media. Awareness offers the tools to identify the right audience for targeted advertising, based on a brand’s own defined criteria.

And Vice President of Marketing and Sales Mike Lewis added:

Unlike many lead systems, social media produces millions of potential leads, leaving brands left to decide which ones are most likely to be future customers, or even influencers. Social Scoring lets brands stack-rank all of their customer and prospect profiles by assigning custom weights to various activities, engagement metrics, and profile attributes.