Do Automated Facebook Responses Defeat The Purpose?

By Julie D. Andrews 

As demand for customer support on Facebook and other social networks increases, it will be increasingly difficult for companies to keep up. But appeasing customers will garner the customer loyalty they depend on.

In order to evolve with the social networks, companies are already finding themselves turning to automated responses, similar to how phone operators were replaced by automated systems — a trend that can only continue to expand, Altimeter Group Analyst Jeremiah Owyang predicted in a post on TechCrunch.

The debut of social media automation is appearing in the form of management tools that allow for scheduling of content, including offerings from Awareness, Argyle Social, Hootsuite, and Expion.

Additionally there are companies that specialize in optimizing content on social, such as SocialFlow, Crowdbooster, and Adobe, by analyzing and then mimicking content to help produce and refresh content frequently.

In the future, social auto-responses may go even further in the form of tools that could deploy Facebook streams when trends or patterns unfold, and possibly even artificial intelligence agents that will act similar to human agents to stimulate engagement, Owyang wrote in his TechCrunch post.

Readers: Do you think Facebook users will respond positively to more automation, or could there be a backlash, with users preferring a human at the other end of interactions?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.