Auto-Play Videos Being Rolled Out On Facebook’s IOS, Android Apps

By David Cohen 

JackVideo650Most users of Facebook’s flagship applications for iOS and Android may have noticed that videos shared in their News Feeds via the social network or Instagram are now set to play automatically, without sound, rather than being displayed with a play button in the center of the image.

Facebook confirmed the rollout of the feature to TechCrunch, saying that it should be available to all of its iOS and Android users soon, and adding that auto-play of videos is still being tested on desktop, and there is no timetable for its rollout.

Tapping on videos that begin playing with no sound in News Feed will bring those videos up in full-screen mode, with audio.

Facebook also added a setting that enables users to auto-play videos on Wi-Fi only, for those wishing to limit their data usage.

The feature only works with videos uploaded directly to Facebook or shared via Instagram, and not with any ads, but with Facebook’s long-rumored launch of video ads pending, the possibility for incorporating auto-play definitely exists.

Readers: Have you noticed videos auto-playing in your iOS or Android apps?