Attorneys Using Facebook Pages For Marketing Purposes

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook pages are helping a wide array of entities get their name out there — not just companies. Attorneys are also establishing a presence on the social network. Attorney and marketing maven Michael J. Evans recently posted on his blog tips for fellow lawyers to become successful on Facebook.

As has been repeated by countless Facebook marketing gurus, Evans points out that having a Facebook page is not just about likes. He notes that Facebook fans can be unscrupulously purchased, but since they’re not actual people who can have a conversation, engage, or inquire about your services, they are pretty much worthless:

The Facebook fan marketers fall into two categories. One group will sell you a small number of actual fans who are people, mostly from other countries. The other group will sell you hundreds, if not thousands, of fans for as little as $5 per thousand because that group of marketers uses bots (little automated programs) to add Facebook fans for your Page. There is only one problem with having a bot as a Facebook fan: the bot isn’t going to hire you as its lawyer.

Evans also noted that like businesses, attorneys should offer something of value to their Facebook fans — something to keep them coming back. He offered the example of some kind of contest or aligning with a cause that people believe in. Evans also wrote about the power of Facebook ads. He detailed that he tried both Facebook ads and Google AdWords, and got better value from the former. Attorneys should be smart about ads that will connect with their targeted demographic and entice people to join the cause.

Readers: How have you built up a Facebook fanbase?