AT&T Partners With OpenFeint To Offer Social Gaming Platform For Android

By Bilal Hameed Comment

AT&T plans for serious investment in the Google’s Android platform and as a first step it will offer a new social gaming platform for Android phones. This move, by AT&T, seems to come as a rebound to a long-standing exclusive agreement to sell Apple Inc.’s iPhone, which is now also available through Verizon.

AT&T will pair-up with OpenFeint video game network, that offers a social gaming community where users can play with each other across different operating systems. OpenFeint’s social gaming community also allows its users to have multi-player competition, interact via chat and post high scores. AT&T spokeswoman said:
The net-net here is that we want developers to build more connected games for our customers.
OpenFeint is also a competitor to Game Center, a social gaming platform from Apple. Game Center was launched in September 2010 and is available on iPhone and iPod Touch. According to OpenFeint, the company has 65 million registered users with around 4,500 games, including the popular Android and iPhone game Fruit Ninja. The company also claims to have a huge community of 15,000 developers, working to create new games through the platform.
This partnership also reflects the potential of mobile gaming. Peter Relan, executive chairman of OpenFeint said.

Before smartphones gained popularity, mobile gaming was a technologically inferior experience compared to gaming devices like Nintendo and Sony PlayStation. Its an unstoppable locomotive with huge momentum. Its better value on a pervasive device.