Facebook: Atlas View Tags Can Now Track Custom Audiences, Partner Categories, Lookalike Audiences

By David Cohen 

Facebook acquired Atlas Solutions from Microsoft in February and extolled its virtues during its first-quarter earnings call earlier this month. Now, the social network told its largest advertisers that Atlas’ view tags can be used to track targeted ads using its custom audiences, partner categories, and lookalike audiences options, sister blog Inside Facebook reported.

The Atlas platform had previously not supported those recently introduced Facebook advertising options, Inside Facebook noted.

During Facebook’s first-quarter earnings call, Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said of Atlas:

Atlas is a really important part of continuing to develop our measurement capabilities. For the past decade, digital marketers have primarily measured success by focusing only on clicks. But this oversimplifies how people make purchase decisions, both offline and online, because it ignores everything people do and see before they do that last press. Smart marketers are looking for a better way to value all of the impressions that they buy and engage, thus leading up to purchase.

We believe the Atlas platform will help us demonstrate even more clearly the connection between ad impressions and purchases. We could help marketers measure the effectiveness of their ad impressions better not just on Facebook, but across the entire Internet. This means we can take the advancements we have made in measurements on Facebook, including our integrations with Nielsen and Datalogix, and expand them to a much larger audience and to many more purchases.

Readers: Will this development be helpful to advertisers on Facebook?