Case Study: Mall’s Three-Pronged Method Of Boosting Facebook, Foot Traffic

By Julie D. Andrews 

At the tail end of 2011, Atlanta-based shopping mall Atlantic Station had attracted roughly 13,000 likes — not too shabby a showing. But of course, the outlet hungered for a better showing.

After putting in place a swift if simple social strategy developed by Atlanta-based Barnes Creative Studios, the shopping venue now brandishes more than 28,000 likes and counting.

The path Atlantic Station and Barnes Creative Studios took to doubling likes was tacking on three types of posts designed to offer users ways to connect and weigh in on community and cultural and company happenings. Posts were based on:

  • Local occurrences (including spottings in the surrounding area — in one case, airport signage — to pose questions about and ask citizens).
  • Current events and pop culture (such as posting comical commentary on events including a 40-something mother subjecting her child to tanning).
  • Community outreach (for example, requesting input from followers on issues such as a smoking ban the mall was considering, in advance of making decisions).

Barnes Creative Studios was founded by Steve Barnes, the former director of social media strategy at Atlanta-based social media software company Vitrue, and Business 2 Community reported that the company sought to drive engagement with Atlantic Station’s wide-range target demographic of mostly female 18- to 49-year-olds.

Readers who are also page administrators: Have you tried connecting with local community events and interests and cultural happenings as a way of boosting likes and engagement?