Asus Uses Facebook To Tease New Tablet

By David Cohen Comment

Asus is posting teaser images of a product on its Facebook page, but not officially revealing whether it is a phone or tablet.

Asus said in a post on the wall of its Facebook page:

Starting today (Monday), we’ve put together an exclusive app that lets our fans see teasers of new products launching at Computex (May 30 through June 3), all through this week (May 23 through 29). Next week, the app will be crammed with info about all the new products: videos, and tabbed pages. You all will be the very first to see it, so be sure to check back! Let us know your thoughts on today’s teaser in the comments below.

CrunchGear speculated that the device is clearly a tablet, including some photos from Tech in Style to back that assumption. Tech in Style is on board with that thinking, as well, calling the device “a never-before-seen Asus tablet.”

Asus promised new images Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday on its Facebook page, but the official rollout of its mysterious new product will occur at Computex Taipei 2011 May 30 through June 3.

What do you think: tablet or phone? Tech in Style and CrunchGear seem to be on the right path.