Asking People To Like A Facebook Post Really Works!

By Jackie Cohen Comment

Yes, asking people to like a post on Facebook works — it results in twice as many likes and comments as not making that simple request.

Momentus Media has found that asking for a like gets a 216 percent higher interaction rate than otherwise.

The company arrived at that number by studying 49,266 status updates from the top 20,000 Facebook pages.

Now here’s the interesting part: Asking people to comment doesn’t generate as high of an interaction rate as like seeking. We suspect that’s because likes require less effort than comments.

Also, Facebook’s own statistics have shown that users click on the like button more than they post comments, share content or do anything else on the site. So asking for likes jibes with what people are most inclined to do.

Yet page administrators don’t make the effort to ask people to like or comment on posts very often — only 1.3 percent of the status updates studied by Momentus included any calls to action, meaning requests for likes or comments on the posts.

It looks like admins have a lot of room for improvement on this front. We’re curious to hear about your experiences with calls to action on Facebook posts. While we’re at it, readers, how likely are you to respond to a request for a like when you see one on Facebook?