Artist Pledges To Draw Everyone Who Follows Him On Twitter By November 14

By Megan O'Neill 

British artist Greg Burney is pulling out all the stops to get people to follow him on Twitter.  He has pledged that he will hand-draw the profile pictures of every new follower he gets before November 14.  He’s calling the project #drawmyfollowers.  He’s now at 1,524 followers and promises, “I will draw everyone, although it may take awhile!”

The whole thing started just days ago on October 31 when Burney tweeted out, “I will hand-draw the profile picture of every new follower I get for the next TWO WEEKS then I will tweet it to them.  Please Retweet!”  Not sure if he knew what he was getting into.  His followers are growing at a rapid pace and the two-week deadline is still ten days away.  Looks like someone is going to have a very sore hand.

Burney told the Genius Rocket blog, “I’m really interesting in connecting with people in personal ways across the Internet… #drawmyfollowers evolved from another small ongoing project called Drawing Chat Roulette.  Chat Roulette has a mode in which you can draw on the screen for the other user to see.  So I sat on Chat Roulette with my Wacom Tablet and drew whoever came up.  I’m not particularly good at illustrating, but it made every person smile, and there was a small, instant connection between me and them.  It was a good feeling, and I wanted to do it on a bigger scale.”  Thus, #drawmyfollowers was born.

Check out some of the Tweet peeps that Greg Burney has drawn so far below and be sure to follow him at @GregBurney before November 14 so you can get drawn!

UPDATE: After gaining over 2,000 followers in 12 hours, Burney has decided to change his project slightly.  Instead of drawing all new followers, he will only be drawing the first 3,000 new followers.  He writes on Tumblr, “For this project to feel complete, and to stop people getting bored of it, I have to complete the drawings in a reasonable time.  So I am suggesting drawing my first 3,000 followers and leaving it at that.  I’m sorry if that’s disappointing to hear, but the last thing I want to do is let thousands of people down as they wait for a sketch that might never come.”

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