Are You Ready for Foursquare Day?

By Kenna McHugh Comment

Get ready to party and celebrate with other social media users because Foursquare Day (4 squared = 16, hence 4/16) is coming this weekend on Saturday, April 16, 2011. If you are not familiar with the social networking holiday, it’s centered on the use of a location-based smartphone app.

Last year was the first Foursquare Day as a grassroots social media platform movement. During that day in 2010, 550k check-ins (9 check-ins/sec at peak) and 20k new user sign ups happened worldwide.

This year looks even larger with well over 100 cities around the world getting ready to celebrate Foursquare Day. “Foursquare Day: When the World is Your Venue” is the official slogan, which was selected by fans in an online vote. On the special day users are organizing meet ups, lectures, swarms, scavenger hunts, special deals and much more. Users can visit to connect up with nearby events. They can find out how cities such as Cincinnati, Austin and Kalamazoo are getting Foursquare Day officially proclaimed.

The global social media holiday was first recognized on April 16, 2010. Nate Bonilla-Warford, an optometrist from Tampa, Florida thought of the idea after thinking about a simple calculation with “Foursquare”. Bonilla-Warford thought up the idea to “check-in” to Foursquare on the 4th month and 16th day of the year. After contacting the Foursquare headquarters in New York City about the idea, the company officially declared April 16 “Foursquare Day.”

McDonald’s jumped on the bandwagon and launched a spring pilot program that took advantage of Foursquare Day in 2010. Users who “checked-in” to McDonald’s restaurants on Foursquare Day were given the chance to win gift cards in 5 and 10 dollar increments. Mashable reported that there was a “33% increase in foot traffic” to McDonald’s because of an increase in check-ins on the celebrated day.

You can only imagine what kind of day Foursquare will be the second time around as users “check-in” and new users sign up just to get into the action of special “check-in” deals from their local businesses.