Appnext Sees Click-Through Rates Of 15 Percent To 20 Percent On Facebook Games

By Justin Lafferty 

One of the biggest problems facing advertisers on Facebook is figuring out how to get users to click on ads. Appnext has found a way to improve click-through rates, for games, anyway. The company told AllFacebook that through well-timed ads for games, Appnext has seen CTRs of roughly 15 percent to 20 percent.

Appnext — a free program that has partnered with Domino Playspace and SlotsVilla, among several other games — places ads for other fun games after players have exhausted all of their tokens or coins. It was launched earlier this year, but it has been growing in popularity.

When a player finishes the game session and is about to leave, the Appnext widget opens up and give users an offer to try another game. When the player clicks through, they are then sent to that game in a new window. If this happens, the original game gets a click-back from another game in the network. The original game can also opt to get paid, instead of a click-back.

Through these ads, Appnext connects users to games similar to the ones they were playing, increasing the chances of clicks.

Tal Perry, Appnext‘s vice president of business development, spoke with AllFacebook about his company’s strategy:

It shows an ad for a similar game at a time when a user is free to play, but has just finished playing one game and he is unable to continue playing because he’s out of coins. It’s really the timing of the ad that leads to high CTR. The relevancy of the ad has to be there. We see, for example, when it’s an ad for a slots game that’s showing after another slots game, then the CTR is very high — 16 percent to 17 percent, even. But if we show a slots game after a bubble game, then it could be 5 percent or 6 percent. You have to keep the context of the ad to where it’s shown, and the timing of the ad is the key element.

Readers: How often do you click on an ad within a Facebook game?