Applifier Impact Connects Facebook Games With More Gamers

By Justin Lafferty 

So you’ve got an awesome Facebook game. How do you go about getting people to play it? Many gamers hate banner ads, so developers have to get creative. That’s where Applifier Impact comes in. The new product from Applifier finds innovative ways to introduce games to the people who want to play them. Count and the maker of SongPop among Applifier’s fans.

For the more visual people, here’s a video explaining how Applifier Impact engages with new gamers:

Impact has been in beta mode so far, but several developers are raving about the product. It will be officially launched at next week’s Casual Connect conference in Seattle.

Impact delivers engaging targeted ads that feature gameplay, so users can learn more about the game before accessing the application. Developers earn revenue whenever a user completes a video. Users opt-in to watch the trailer and receive a virtual goodie, giving them an incentive to play. This way, games can acquire high-quality players who will be interested in continually playing. If you don’t have a game trailer, Applifier Impact will create one for your game, free.

In a press release, Olivier Michon, chief technology officer of FreshPlanet (which makes SongPop), said how much he loves the service:

We’ve seen huge growth in SongPop, and Applifier Impact has helped us effectively monetize those users. We are very pleased with the results we’ve seen with Impact.

Readers: What kinds of games do you enjoy playing, and what makes you keep coming back?