Facebook Expands Application Reporting Options

By David Cohen Comment

Facebook introduced new options for users to report issues with applications on the social network.

The new “Report or Contact App” dialog box enables users to:

  • Report bugs or loading issues;
  • Report apps for spam;
  • Report issues with payments or virtual goods purchases;
  • Report abusive content within the app;
  • Report data issues; and
  • Include screen shots to illustrate their issues.

Facebook provided more information in a post on its developer blog:

We changed the app reporting flow to provide consistent reporting options for people and enable developers to get feedback directly from people. When a user selects either the “Report/Contact This App” link at the bottom of a canvas page or the “Report App” link from the Auth Dialog or Request channel, they will be presented with several granular options on what type of issue they want to report.

The different options will route them to the developer or Facebook depending on the particular issue: If the developer has provided their own user support URL, located under the “Advanced” tab in the developer app, users will be directed to the developer’s help center to report a bug in the app or issues with load time. If the developer does not provide a user support URL, Facebook will send an email report to the user support email address listed.

We noticed that people were reporting issues such as bug reports that should have gone to the developer but instead were being sent to Facebook. This is corrected in the new flow, which applies to all apps.