Apple Still Reigns in U.S. Smartphone Market

By Cameron Scott 

Apple is the dominant maker of smartphones sold in the United States, and its operating system continues to hold its ground against Android, according to data released today by comScore.

The numbers reflect activity in the three-month period of December 2012 through February 2013.

In the quarter that saw smartphone ownership break the 50 percent point, rising to 57 percent of all U.S. residents over age 13, Apple controlled nearly 40 percent of the device market. Samsung took a distant second place at 21 percent. HTC, crowned today as the first home for Facebook’s quasi-operating system Home, accounted for just 9 percent, but still edged out Motorola. Motorola is owned by Google.

Google’s Android was the dominant operating system, running on more than half of all U.S. smartphones with service subscriptions. But its market share fell slightly over the quarter, from 54 to 52 percent. Apple snapped up its lost market share and then some, boosting its slice of the pie from 35 to 39 percent. Microsoft’s Windows mobile OS accounts for just 3 percent of the market.