Apple Removes WikiLeaks App, Some Call For Retaliation

By Lauren Dugan Comment

Only five days after its launch, the WikiLeaks app that was once available in the iTunes Store is no more – at least not on any of Apple’s devices. And while the app was unofficial, some WikiLeaks supporters are calling for a DDoS attack on Apple for the move.

The app was put up on the iTunes Store on December 17th, selling for $1.99. The creator, Igor Barinov (@wikileaksapp), explained in the app’s description that half of the proceeds would be donated to WikiLeaks.

The app itself gave users access to all of the currently released cables, formatted for their iDevice, as well as live streaming from the WikiLeaks Twitter account. Barinov noted that there would never be a disruption of service for the app, even if the official WikiLeaks page is removed, as it accessed a variety of mirrors for its information.

Barinov announced its removal via Twitter Tuesday morning. He said that no real reason was given for the removal, but instead received the standard message from Apple indicating that the app had been “Removed From Sale”.

Some are speculating that the reason for the app’s removal was due to the fact that the creator was using money collected from its sale to fund WikiLeaks, which violated Apple’s terms of service pertaining to charitable applications. These users suggested to Barinov that he remove the price and re-submit the app as a free download.

Barinov reportedly sold 4434 copies of the app before it was taken down from the iTunes Store, and will be donating $4434 to WikiLeaks.

The app is still available in the Android marketplace, along with half a dozen other WikiLeaks-inspired apps.

The Guardian reports that some are calling for an attack on Apple’s website in retaliation, similar to the Anonymous group’s attack on PayPal, MasterCard and others who pulled support from WikiLeaks.