Facebook Adds App Ratings, Negative Feedback To App Insights

By David Cohen 

Facebook followed up last week’s introduction of its app center with two new metrics to its insights for applications: app ratings, and negative feedback.

The new app ratings dashboard will bring developers information on how users rated their apps with the five-star ratings system Facebook recently implemented, and the data can be broken out by day, week, month, or a custom date range, as well as by age and gender, country, and locale.

The negative feedback feature shows developers how many times stories from their apps have been hidden or reported as spam, as well as how many times the app itself has been blocked. Reports can be viewed for all story types, as well as filtered by stream publish or open graph, and charts can be manipulated to display users feedback on specific action types, object types, or all content.

Facebook offered more details in a post on its developer blog:

As announced last week, inclusion and success in the app center is based on how people rate your app and how they engage with it. App ratings and negative feedback can inform not only how you design your app experience to increase engagement and satisfaction, but also how your app grows through the app center.

These (negative feedback) reports take into the account the same type of automated systems we use internally to catch spam and malicious behavior on platform. You will now be able to see the absolute number of negative signals or the ratio of negative feedback to the total number of impressions. The spam impression overview chart displays your reports against a green background when you’re doing well, and a yellow one if reports reach a level of concern.

In addition to these new tools, we encourage you to proactively review stories from your app to make sure they are engaging and include relevant content.