Facebook App Links: 1B Created Thus Far, Now Available For Mobile App Ads

By David Cohen 

AppLinks1B650Facebook introduced App Links, an open, cross-platform solution for application-to-app linking, at its F8 global developer conference in San Francisco April 30, and the social network announced in a developer blog post Tuesday that more than 1 billion unique App Links have been enabled by mobile developers, adding that App Links can now be used in mobile app ads through Preferred Marketing Developers.

Facebook said in a developer blog post when App Links was introduced:

Linking is an important part of what makes the Web great, but right now it’s too hard to implement and expose deep links on mobile. There’s no way to know if another app supports deep links, and there’s no single standard that works across mobile platforms.

Today, we’re announcing App Links, an open, cross platform solution for app-to-app linking. App Links gives you all the tools you need to expose deep links in your app and link to other apps.

App Links lets you to map your Web content to your mobile content. All you need to do is add a few tags to your Web content and you’re ready to let other developers link directly into your mobile app. If you’re a mobile-only app, we’ve got you covered. You can publish your tags using Parse Cloud Code, App Links Hosting API, or any other service you prefer.

In announcing the milestone Tuesday, the social network posted:

On April 30 at F8, we introduced App Links, an open, cross platform standard for linking on mobile. Since then, hundreds of apps have adopted App Links, including Spotify, Mailbox, Quip, Hulu, Redfin, Goodreads, Live Nation, and Vimeo. Third party software-development kits such as the Xamarin SDK and the Facebook.NET SDK have also embraced the standard. To date, developers have enabled more than 1 billion unique App Links on mobile.

With App Links, you can drive people into your app directly from stories on Facebook, whether they’re published from your app, from a page, or from people copying and pasting URLs. Starting today, you’ll also be able to use App Links in mobile app ads through our Preferred Marketing Developers.

Developers: What have your experiences been thus far with App Links?