Videos Can Now Be Added To App Details Pages In Facebook’s App Center

By David Cohen 

KingsRoadVideo650They’re not quite video ads, but developers of applications and games for Facebook can now include videos in their App Details pages in the social network’s App Center, in order to give potential users a flavor of what the apps and games are like.

Facebook said in a post on its developer blog that, much like its recently introduced test of video ads, the videos on the App Details pages will begin playing automatically, without audio, and interested users can click on the videos to activate sound.

The social network added in the blog post:

Adding video to your App Details page is simple. Developers can submit videos for review in the App Dashboard under the App Details tab, just as they do for other image assets. Please review the App Center guidelines for video submission criteria. After your video is approved, it will be added to your App Details page.

You can even customize your video for international audiences by adding other versions of it for different locales. Those videos will be shown to people who have set their preference for that locale in their profile settings.

Apps that already boast videos on their App Details pages include:

Readers: Do you think videos on App Center will help Facebook users choose which apps and games to use?