New Facebook API Tells Game Developers Which Players Are Eligible For Promotions

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook announced Monday that it has launched a new application-programming interface that lets game developers know if a user is eligible for an upgrade or gift through the payer promotion system. The social network noted that companies such as Kixeye have utilized payer promotion to grow revenue and get gamers more fiscally involved.

The site posted about the new API on its developer blog on Monday, explaining how this helps game developers:

Payer promotion is subsidized by Facebook and allows you to offer certain people a discount on your game’s virtual currency, such as $3 of value for free. Previously, you could only offer this promotion in your game through a DealSpot unit. With the API, you can determine who is eligible for the promotion, and then create your own custom unit to showcase the offer.

Facebook points out that Kixeye has been quite successful utilizing payer promotion, as it has seen payer conversion rate grow by 18 percent overall and has also experienced an 8 percent lift in revenue in War Commander, one of its most popular games.

Readers: What kind of a Facebook gamer are you? Do you pay for extras, or just stick to the freebies?