Facebook Exchange Product Director Antonio Garcia-Martinez Leaves Company

By David Cohen 

Facebook Exchange Product Director Antonio Garcia-Martinez announced in a post on his Facebook page that Tuesday was his last day at the company, and he said in an interview that he remained confident about the social network’s future.

Garcia-Martinez wrote in his farewell post:

“To my friends: my work is done. Why wait?”

-George Eastman, suicide note

Today is my last day at Facebook.

It was a pleasure to work with many of you. Specifically, Gary Wu, Benjamin Reesman, Hari Manikarnika, Scott Shapiro, Ekaterina Orekhova, Mark Rodgers, and the rest of the FBX team. From building an ad exchange with three engineers in one frenetic month, to scaling the business to where it is today, we have done much with very little.

Also, eternal apologies to the members of our brave privacy team (Edward Palmieri, Erin Egan, Rob Sherman, Susan Cooper) who suffered for two years under my near-constant harassment about some new piece of targeting gadgetry or another. I’ve never before enjoyed talking to a bunch of lawyers so much.

What comes after? Probably a few months in either forest, ocean, or desert. And then another ride on that startup roller coaster that got me here in the first place.

Faster, faster, faster…

Garcia-Martinez also spoke with Josh Constine of TechCrunch, saying:

FBX was my baby that I staked everything on. We shipped it fast, scaled it up, and now the baby talks and can walk to school, but I don’t feel I need to babysit it.

I’m still totally long on Facebook as a company. Anyone who bets against Facebook probably deserves to lose their money.

They acqu-hire or acquire lots of startup CEOs. They want that crazy startup, do whatever the fuck it takes to get it done, no fear, maybe slightly abrasive and aggressive DNA. If you’re a small startup considering selling your company, there are definitely far worse places to work than Facebook.

At the Facebook engineering level are some of the smartest people I’ve ever worked with.