Facebook Adds Anniversary Stories

By David Cohen 

AnniversaryStory650Happy anniversary, from Facebook: The social network announced the launch of a new anniversary story feature, in which users who have shared the dates of their relationships or weddings will receive a congratulatory message from Facebook on that day, as well as the opportunity to share collections of up to five photos in which both members of the couple are tagged.

Facebook shared the following frequently asked questions about the new feature in an email to AllFacebook:

  • Who can see my anniversary story? Unless you choose to share it more broadly, only you can see your anniversary story. It will appear in your News Feed if you sign into Facebook on the day of your anniversary, and you will have the option of sharing.
  • How can I share my anniversary story? If you want to share your anniversary story, click on “Review and Share” at the bottom of the story. You can customize which photos show up in the story by choosing from any photos you’ve shared of you and your significant other, or you can upload new photos from your computer to include in the story. You can choose the audience you want to share the story with by using the audience selector next to the “Share” button.
  • Which photos might I see in my anniversary story? You’ll see up to five photos that both you and your significant other are tagged in that you have previously uploaded to Facebook.

Readers: Will you use Facebook’s new anniversary story feature on that special day?