Relive Your Year On Facebook Through Animoto

By Justin Lafferty 

This holiday season, Animoto wants to offer you a gift: the chance to relive 2012 through Facebook photos. Animoto, a video-creation service, launched its Best of 2012 feature Wednesday, which allows users to connect their Facebook accounts to Animoto, and create cool, editable videos featuring their own photos.

By connecting Facebook to Animoto, the site automatically generates fun videos using Facebook photos. Users can choose from themes, ranging from an artsy inkwell design to fun holiday motifs:

After a user selects a theme, a video is created using Facebook photos. If the user doesn’t like the order or wants to select the images to be used, he or she can do that, too, before sharing with friends:

Animoto CEO and Co-Founder Brad Jefferson spoke with AllFacebook about the Best of 2012 video feature:

A user will click a button and, with their permission, we’ll actually look through their Facebook profile and we’ll automatically pull out the best moments from their year, and we’ll apply the captions from those photos and create a narrative arc for 2012 from the photos that they’ve posted, or the photos that their friends have posted and tagged them in. We are really pumped about this particular launch because it’s sort of a natural thing that people do anyway — a digital form of a greeting card — but in this case, it’s a more emotive card, because it’s video that reveals a deeper side of you.

Try out Animoto’s Best of 2012 feature here.

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