Angry Birds To Make Its Debut on PSP and PS3 This Week

By Azam Khan Comment

Angry Birds, the hugely successful game on mobile platforms, will soon be available for PSP and PS3 this week. Players will be able to download the game as a PlayStation mini title – a smaller game format that can be downloaded to either PSP or PS3. More after the jump.

The mini version of Angry Birds come with roughly 63 levels (initially) compared to the 210 levels the original title on iPhone for $0.99 has. In November of 2010 we covered Rovio’s announcement of its Christmas edition launch. At the same time the developer had also announced Angry Birds 2 which would come with significantly different gameplay. Perhaps Rovio is prepping for major launches, including one on Facebook.

Angry Birds’ launch on Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii seems to be slightly delayed. Developing games for multiple platforms is becoming increasingly easier so we can also expect launches on those platforms as well in the near future. Microsoft specifically is making it easy for developers working with C# and XNA to easily recompile a game for PC, Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7 in a jiffy. However one would assume that these games are most likely not similar to the traditional social games we see on Facebook but more casual in nature.

Angry Birds other recently announcement included the introduction of the Mighty Eagle that players can purchase for 59p on both Android and iOS. The Mighty Eagle has the ability to swoop down and kill all pigs in a stage. In addition there’s a new theme with 15 new levels as well as a Golden Egg to discover.