Angry Birds Rio Blasts Pass 10 Million Downloads In 10 Days On iPhone and Android

By Bilal Hameed Comment

Rovio is on a roll of its life, the developer of Angry Birds has tweeted that Angry Birds Rio, the latest version of the game has crossed 10 million downloads in merely 10 days after its release on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Rovio had the following to say on Twitter, “10 in 10:-) Angry Birds Rio breaking all records. A massive thanks to all our fans!!!”. The company then went on to clarify that the 10 million figure includes both paid iPhone and iPad downloads and free Android downloads.

Gamers can download Angry Birds Rio for $0.99 from the iTunes store, or get it free on their Android devices from Amazon’s Android Appstore. CNet is speculating that Android downloads must have accounted for the lion’s share of these 10 million downloads, as nothing beats free. If that is the case, stay tuned for even more eye-popping download figures for Angry Birds Rio, since Amazon’s Android Appstore is only catering for US users and hence the global Android audience has yet to get their hands on this latest Angry Birds version.

Angry Birds Rio is a tie-in to Rio – the animated movie that is to be released this month. The Rio, games follows the game flow of previous versions except for the fact that pigs are no longer a part of the game. Instead the objective now is to bust free other beautiful birds from their cages. Later stages of the game has a new animal enemy, the monkeys.