Angry Birds Fly Into Your Browser

By CJ Arlotta Comment

Angry Birds, the highly addictive mobile game, has made its way to the web. Rovio, the developer of Angry Birds, has released a browser version of the game for Google’s Chrome OS — a move that is of interest to many in the gaming community. After my editor provided me with the link to the online game, I was extremely annoyed because I had a feeling that I would become addicted. However, that wasn’t the case.

After the game’s launch on mobile platforms, I never understood the fascination with the game. Why would anyone be interested in flinging birds? It wasn’t until I tried the first level that I became hooked.

Although I do admit Angry Birds as a mobile game is enjoyable, I’m not so sure of the online version. Besides the fact that the game becomes hackable, it doesn’t impress me as much as the mobile version.

As I said earlier, “Why would anyone be interested in flinging birds?” However, it isn’t the fact that people enjoy flinging birds, it is the idea of how easy it is to play. Our lives have become so fast-paced that we strive quickness. Angry Birds doesn’t require much thinking or time. If you’re in between stops on the subway, you’re able to get a few levels done and put it away until the next day.

Since people enjoy the game for the above reasons, the browser version doesn’t seem like it will attract as many users as the mobile version. Although, it was a good try.

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