Android Game Console Launches Kickstarter Aiming for $950k in 30 Days; Reaches $2.6m in 48 hours

By Neil Vidyarthi 

The OUYA project is a new video game console project that is built on Android and will only cost $99. The spin on OUYA is that it lets game designers design games for a big TV while skipping the traditional console game makers’ publishing routes – no more need to go through the XBox Live or PS3 app store to get a game ready for television. That’s the dream, and it looks like OUYA is going to achieve that dream because after asking for $950,000 in 30 days, they’ve achieved $2.6 million in 2 days.

From the seed idea of an open, accessible, inexpensive game console, the team has worked together to create the OUYA, a small Android console box with great specs and an elegant interface. They have the product designer from the $100 laptop who’s designed a great looking controller that includes a small touch screen to make it simple to translate Android games to the controller.

The real goal is to allow developers to break out of the closed console gaming process to easily get their games to television. Instead of having to work with strict rules, developers can use the simple Android rules they already know and start working on their TV projects immediately. This is a real threat to the casual games services of existing consoles, and even represents an early win for Android against things like the Apple TV, which will certainly have its own App Store for TV.

The device itself has a quad core processor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage and WiFi and Bluetooth. It’ll include the controller as well. There are already 18,000 users who have pledged $95 or more and purchased the system, so certainly the folks over at OUYA must be celebrating – this thing is already starting to move units!

Check out their video below – it’s a pretty surprising story.