More Wedding Bells Within Facebook Mafia

By Julie D. Andrews 

Now that hardscrabble work of building a company and seeing it through its initial public offering is complete, another Facebook geek is unrolling his sleeves, taking a big exhale, and enjoying the other fruits life has to offer, such as settling down into wedded bliss with his life-long companion, or some rendition of that.

Over the weekend, Facebook Co-Founder and Engineer Andrew McCollum tied the proverbial knot with his sweetheart, sociologist Gretchen Sisson, BetaBeat reported.

A bit more upscale than Facebook Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg’s backyard-bash nuptials, the couple’s union reportedly took place at the stately Chanler at Cliff Walk, pristinely perched on the shores of Newport, R.I.

The couple reportedly added quite a few personal high-geek touches to the ceremony, such as marching down the aisle to the Indiana Jones theme song after becoming man and wife.

Additionally, the wedding program, befitting of a founding engineer of the largest social network, listed the bridal party in CoffeeScript and the events in XML, all chronicled on Instagram, of course. The leaflet also contained a crossword puzzle developed by Quora Engineer Kevin Dor.

Zuckerberg, on honeymoon with his new bride in Italy, was named as a groomsman but not in attendance. The two met as classmates at Harvard, where they were often project partners, including in the acclaimed CS161: Operating Systems course, then considered among the most rigorous offered at the university, McCollum wrote on Quora.

Zuckerberg introduced McCollum to the site via instant message, asking if he’d like to venture a try at drafting icons and a logo for what was then a rough idea. McCollum, not trained as a designer, didn’t let that hold him back and said yes.

Love is the air at Facebook HQ, these days and we think that’s just dandy.

Readers: Any predictions on who within the Facebook brood may next get hitched?