Analytics Firms Shudder As Twitter Acqui-Hires LuckySort

By Mary C. Long Comment

Twitter acquired a slew of companies last year and appears to be aiming to top that number this year.

And it’s also looking (apparently) to keep third-party developers on their toes, as this latest aqui-hire, Lucky Sort, has contextual analysis pretty locked up – and it’s now in-house. Eep.

Twitter officially welcomed LuckySort to the Twitter team today:

What is LuckySort? It’s the “Developer of TopicWatch: A cloud based interactive text mining application for fluid analysis of large volumes of textual content: news, filings, blogs, tweets.” It looks like this (more on how it works below):

And a post by LuckySort‘s CEO, Noah Pepper, elaborates on the collaboration:

Two years ago I started Lucky Sort with several friends. Our goal was to make huge document sets easier to analyze, summarize and visualize by building elegant and user friendly tools for text analysis.

Today I’m very excited to announce that our journey has entered a new phase: Lucky Sort has been acquired by Twitter!

Several of us will be moving to San Francisco to join Twitter’s revenue engineering department, so if you’re in the neighborhood and want to talk about text mining or data visualization give us a shout.

If you’re a LuckySort customer, the service will be closing soon. They’ll help you transition, don’t worry.

But back to who should worry: other Twitter analytics firms. LuckySort is a tool that helps users make predictions based on Twitter chatter. This doesn’t mimic other services that offer sentiment analysis or identifying brand ambassadors, but it could potentially replace them.

If one can direct/predict the big picture, will the smaller details no longer be necessary? Watch this video and think it through:

Complex Analysis from Noah Pepper on Vimeo.

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