Ampush Named Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer

By David Cohen 

Social technology company Ampush Wednesday became the latest addition to Facebook’s roster of Strategic Preferred Marketing Developers, having been a Preferred Marketing Developer since 2011.

The social network’s SPMDs gain priority product and business support, as well as access to alpha and beta trials of new products, co-development of product go-to market strategy, and improved turnaround time for technical issues and reviews of ads.

Facebook Vice President of Partnerships Blake Chandlee said in a press release announcing Ampush’s SPMD designation:

We’re pleased to welcome Ampush into the SPMD program. As demonstrated through its win at Facebook’s “The Era of News Feed” PMD innovation competition earlier this year, Ampush continues to build and deliver innovative technology that enhances the performance of its brand partners on Facebook.

Ampush CEO Jesse Pujji added:

Ampush is dedicated to developing products and solutions that help brands achieve the best possible return on Facebook advertising spend. Our rigorous, data-driven approach has enabled us to continue to evolve our product suite, ensuring that we’re consistently delivering best-in-class solutions for our customers. As an SPMD, we’ll continue to work in close partnership with Facebook, further improving the buying experience and developing new ways for brands to harness the power of Facebook’s ad platform.

And Ampush Co-Founders Pujji, Chief Product Officer Nick Shah, and Chief Marketing Officer Chris Amos added in a post on the company’s website:

Three years ago, we set out to build a game-changing business in the rapidly evolving ad tech space. Our mission: to catalyze the adoption of social in the enterprise. We’re now incredibly excited and humbled to be one of only 14 SPMDs out of hundreds of PMDs globally, recognized for our software innovation, rapid growth, and thought leadership in Facebook advertising.

We’ve done this with an unwavering focus on making clients successful and have truly enjoyed working closely with Facebook to help define the future of social advertising.

These are exciting times, and we’re happy to be on the front lines as thought leaders in the social advertising space.

Thanks for betting on us.

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