Among Teens, Interest in Facebook Falling Significantly

By Cameron Scott 

social networks, social media, facebookOver the past year, the share of teens who said Facebook is the most important social media site for them fell 10 percent, according to a study of teen consumer habits by the investment banking firm Piper Jaffray.

Facebook remained the most popular social network among younger users. The number of teens who pointed at Twitter, Reddit and StumbleUpon asĀ  most important grew.

Teens are looking for their own social platform and will continue to show “interest in emerging social platforms from Facebook,” Piper Jaffray concluded.

Survey respondents also wrote in social media platforms including Wanelo, Vine, Snapchat and 4chan.

Some have pointed to Tumblr as a rising star among teens, but a greater portion of its users are less affluent. Piper Jaffray studied teens of upper and average income.

The study also indicated that iOS is the dominant mobile platform among teens, with nearly 60 percent of the 5,200 respondents said their next phone would run Apple’s operating system. Just 20 percent said they planned to buy or have their parents buy an Android device.