Americans No Longer the Center of the Online Universe, and Other Surprises From Mary Meeker’s Epic Slide Deck

By Cameron Scott 

mary meeker, slide deck, state of the Internet, social media, social networks, texting, messaging, snapchatFour-fifths of the largest Internet properties in the world are owned by American companies, but the same proportion of their users are outside the United States, Kleiner Perkins venture investor Mary Meeker said in her much-anticipated annual slide presentation on the state of the Internet.

American tech giants including Facebook, Wikipedia and Amazon are rounded out by two Chinese properties: Tencent and Baidu.

Among social sites, Facebook’s user base shrunk between 2011 and 2012, while social sites saw their membership grow, Meeker also found. Snapchat grew astronomically, as seen on slide 14 below.

Americans are less avid sharers than users in other countries.

Users around the world are accessing the Web ever more frequently from their mobile devices, rather than their personal computers. Groupon has among the highest shares of its usership come from mobile devices, at 45 percent as of January.

Meeker’s findings also support other data indicating that tablets are edging out personal computers.