American Idol Predictions Perfect Using Facebook Likes

By Kenna McHugh Comment

Do you want to be on top of the latest American Idol predictions? Then head over to Likester because the web site has successfully predicted the bottom three contestants on American Idol, as well as successfully predicting that Stefano Langone would be eliminated.

The predictions were made by analyzing Facebook likes that occurred post performance (Wednesday night) and before the announcement of results (Thursday night). Likester researched hundreds of pages, which are about the contestants, and then compiled them with successful predictions. Likester will be continuing to update its Likester Idol page, including new predictions every Thursday at 2PM PST.

It’s a pretty cool set up. Likester aggregates and organizes all this Facebook information, so users can see, which books, activities, movies, websites and more that Facebook friends have liked and measures what’s hot at this very moment on Facebook. Users can see and take part in cultural waves as they happen and can also see what’s trending.

Likester also incorporates a next-generation search engine, which can search millions of objects in the Facebook universe, in a new structured and socially relevant format. For each search, users can further refine their search by category (books, movies, restaurants and people). And users can also sort by popularity or relevance. This allows a user, for example, to search for “Seattle”, and then filter by “Bars”, and then see a list of the most popular bars in Seattle. I’ll drink to that!