Listing for Ex-Girlfriend Shooting Target Removed from Amazon

By Devon Glenn 

A listing for a bloody mannequin has disappeared from Amazon after feminists complained it was promoting violence against women.

The activist group UltraViolet collected 63,000 signatures on a petition to get rid of the shooting target designed by Zombie Industries that bled when shot and was chillingly called “The Ex.” The first 10,000 signatures appeared within the first 30 minutes of the campaign, the organizers said.

“It’s obvious why that struck a nerve with people,” UltraViolet co-founder Nita Chaudhary told SocialTimes.

The petition stated, “Zombie Industries ‘The Ex’ shooting target–a large-breasted woman who bleeds when shot–promotes domestic violence and partner homicide and should not be sold on your website. Please remove this horrible product immediately.”

This is not the first of the company’s products to stir controversy. At a recent NRA convention, Zombie Industries was reportedly asked to remove from its booth a display zombie that resembled Barack Obama.

“If they had stuck to zombies — nameless, faceless, and non-identifiable zombies — would people be as outraged? I’m not sure,” said Chaudhary.

Amazon did not respond to the petitioners, but the listing appears to have been removed sometime last night. All that remains on the site from Zombie Industries is a paper version of the shooting target.

“We are thrilled to see Amazon’s fast response in removing the bleeding ex-girlfriend shooting target from their website,” said Chaudhary in a statement. “The fact that it exists is yet another reminder of what is at stake for women with gun safety legislation. The very presence of a gun in a domestic violence situation increases the chance that the woman will be murdered by 500%. We are fed up, and we demand better.”

We have reached out to Amazon for comment and will report back when we hear from them.

Updated 1:59 ET with comments from Ms. Chaudhary.