Amazon Creates ‘Send to Kindle’ Buttons for Websites and WordPress Blogs

By Devon Glenn 

Amazon has finally extended its “Send to Kindle” button for books to websites and WordPress blogs, making it possible for readers to save an article directly from the website and read it later on their Kindles.

Announced on March 19, the new button puts the sharing power in the hands of the publishers and facilitates long-form reading. The Washington Post, TIME, and Boing Boing were the first to try out the tool. In this TIME article, the Kindle button is just below the headline and right next to Facebook’s.

Previously, the readers had to install a browser extension for Google Chrome or Firefox or download another app like Instapaper. Now they can use a button that’s similar to the share buttons for social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest — only this one sends entire articles directly to their Kindles (or to the Kindle apps on their iPhone, iPad, and Android devices).

The buttons are free to install for developers here and WordPress bloggers here.