AllFacebook Stats Teams Up With Japanese Marketing Agency Torchlight

By David Cohen 

As Facebook is taking steps to boost its presence in Japan, our sister site, AllFacebook Stats, is following suit, announcing an agreement with Japanese marketing agency Torchlight.

The partnership focuses on reseller and affiliate operations, with the aim of helping AllFacebook Stats focus on the Asian region, and aiding Torchlight in marketing its social media services.

AllFacebook Stats Founder and CEO Alexander Peiniger said:

The fact that Facebook is now about to turn into Japan’s No. 1 social network opens up new vistas for online and social media marketing. After having successfully rolled out our services in other B2B markets, we are looking forward to establishing our services in the Asian market.

And Torchlight CEO Takeshi Yabuki added:

With the analysis tool by AllFacebook Stats, we are providing our clients with a tool with which they can conduct extensive benchmarking analyses. The integration of Facebook Insights in combination with a both sophisticated and at the same time easily comprehensible graphic presentation enables every company to gain anytime-insight into their own and their competitors’ Facebook pages.