AllFacebook Stats Releases API

By David Cohen 

AllFacebook Stats announced the release of an application-programming interface that will offer its users access to data on hundreds of thousands of Facebook pages.

The data also include analysis and benchmarking of competitors, and AllFacebook Stats said they go as far back as 2010, making them ideal for use in comprehensive analyses, industry reports, and benchmark studies.

The API will allow users to integrate the data with company and agency dashboards and software solutions, or with other data by merging them into a shared database.

AllFacebook Stats said it plans to integrate the API into its business editions, and individual solutions are possible, as well.

The API is targeted toward software vendors, monitoring providers, agencies, and enterprise customers, adding that reasons why it published the API include:

  • It was not able to follow up on every individual request, so it chose to release its data pool instead.
  • Facilitating content aggregations, as well as individual calculations (economic, scientific).
  • To open up cooperation with other analytics and business intelligence tool providers and help them bring additional value to their customers.
  • Some of its customers have already asked for an API, including a global player in the telco business.