What Should Brands On Facebook Be Concerned About?

By David Cohen 

There are too many Facebook pages and other social media accounts owned by or connected to brands, too many people with administrator privileges, and too many applications granted permission to access those social media accounts. Those were the main concerns discussed by Social iQ Networks Co-Founder and CEO Devin Redmond during “Protect Your Brand Pages,” a panel at the AllFacebook Marketing Conference in New York Wednesday.

Social iQ Networks offers brands a secure, software-as-a-service (SaaS) product that enables them to discover, audit, and protect their social accounts.

Redmond warned that the absence of tight control over brands’ presences on Facebook and other social network can lead to issues including fake or spoof pages (some of which are not readily apparent), hijacked brands, hacked pages, publishing blunders, audience-on-audience abuse, increased liability, and increased social crises.

One of the biggest obstacles to maintaining that sort of control is the sheer enormity of the task in terms of manpower and hours. Redmond pointed out that manually moderating outbound posts only doesn’t cover all vectors of content, but reading through all content on social media pages, including comments, is costly and time-consuming, adding:

Manually moderating spam, malware, pornography, and profanity is taxing social teams.

He added that the average enterprise has more than 178 branded social accounts, with some created by departments, employees, regions, and subsidiaries, creating a lack of visibility and a lack of coordination, with disparate conversations happening, some of them inappropriate.

As for too many people having access to social media accounts, Redmond cautioned that admin provisioning is easy and not governed, adding that admins often mix up their personal accounts and their brand accounts, sending inappropriate content. He warned:

Bad dialog on pages causes social crises for the brand. Accidental brand posts ignite crises. Exploitative, abusive, inappropriate content creates liability. Missing just one tweet or post can jeopardize a brand’s reputation, ignite a crisis, and result in significant cost. Around 80 percent of compromises come directly or indirectly through bad admin management of Facebook pages.

His final advice to brands:

Keep your engagement, protect your engagement, protect your program.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.